Proven relationships.
National coverage.

Vending, Refreshment Services, Micro Markets, and Alternative Trade

Premier, formed by the nation's leading regional Vending and Office Coffee Service brokers, offers the strongest local, regional and national representation in Vending, Office Coffee Service and Alternative trade classes.

Our team of 58 sales professionals with decades of experience in Vending & OCS, our proven success and expertise in our markets results in better time management while maximizing field sales results.

No matter what they say,
it’s all about writing the order.

Imagine a sales force that is made up of the top vending, refreshment services, and alternative trade brokers in the nation. Imagine having their combined years of experience in one organization selling your products. Imagine the relationships that have been developed over the years and across the nation working jointly to maximize your product’s and your company’s sales potential. We did.

At Premier, we have brought together a force to be respected at a national level that is uniquely qualified and unparalleled. Call today and see how we can help you achieve your sales and marketing performance goals.

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Part of the Premier team at NAMA One Show 2014.